Dustienne Miller CYT, PT, MS, WCSWelcome to Flourish Physical Therapy!

I’m Dustienne, a board certified women’s clinical specialist and Kripalu Yoga teacher.

My treatment style offers a unique movement perspective, blending my professional dance background and yoga teaching experience with my physical therapy education. I treat directly, but gently, and offer a holistic framework for healing.

I am thrilled to announce the addition of Alex Papale, PT, DPT to the team. Alex is a skilled doctor of physical therapy, passionate advocate, and kind person! They have a passion for pelvic and sexual health.

Our goal is to empower YOU to retrain non-optimal movement patterns, which will decrease pain, increase function, and allow you to meet your personal goals.

We look forward to helping give you the tools to Flourish!

Dustienne Miller CYT, PT, MS, WCS

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